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We are looking for outgoing, adventurous individuals who are active in their communities, love to play outside, and are motivated to make the world more fun - one bounce at a time! You MUST be active on FACEBOOK + INSTAGRAM, and over the age of 18. World-wide ambassadors are more than welcome! Apply now! #KEEPLIFEFUN

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Meet our Ambassadors

  • Cali the Dog

    Cape Town, South Africa

    The best thing about Waboba balls is you can take them everywhere!

  • Summit the Dog

    Lethbridge, Canada

    Ready for a game of fetch night or day. Just say the word!

  • Mike Hoy

    London, England

    Wanna Bobe?

  • Christian Rohrmeier

    New York City, USA

    Scientist, Musician, Wabobian.

  • Josh Delaney

    Knoxville, USA

    Snag a Moon Ball, get outside, and put a little bounce in your day!

  • Nick Miscioscia

    George Town, Grand Cayman

    Wabobin' around the Caribbean, Keeping Life Fun!

  • Tim Muzik

    Ottawa, Canada

    Professional teacher and up and coming Wabobian

  • Austin McCarley

    Knoxville, USA

    Never have a boring day!

  • Thomas Baldrian

    New York City, USA

    Just tossing some Bobes with my brothers!

  • Oscar Jensen

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    I'll catch you at Waboba Crickee day!

  • Matt van der Nest

    Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    Can't go wrong with a Bobes in hand!

  • Sebastiaan Opschoor

    Curaçao, Caribbean

    Living the Caribbean coconut life. Never too old to dive for a Waboba!

  • Justin Wear

    San Luis Obispo, California

    Who wants to play catch?

  • Adam Scott

    Queensland, Australia

    A morning Bobe and brew = a fun and active you! Bringing the game down under.

  • Emma Gilman

    New York City, USA

    Waboba: part of a complete breakfast!

  • Brittney Lozzi

    Ocean city, Maryland

    Plane ticket: $108 Hotel: $176 Skipping the Extreme down the Perfect barrel: priceless

  • John H Barclay

    Cape Town, South Africa

  • Brita & Grethe

    Harju County, Estonia

  • Brett Bryson

    Grand Bend, Ontario, Canada

    Get outside and Keep Life Fun - A Bobe is all you need!

  • Gomolemo Nkwana

    Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Chris Holmes

    British Columbia, Canada

    Grab a Bobe, a bud and let the fun begin. Skip it and tip it.

  • Liu Willow Yang

    Budapest, Hungary

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