Holiday Gift Guide #2: For the Little Ones

Keeping Life Fun starts from day one! This year, give the kiddos in your life something that will spark their creativity and encourage interactive playtime. From the back yard to the beach to the bath, kids of all ages will be sure to enjoy these colorful, playful gifts year-round!

1. Octzilla - Have no fear, Octzilla comes in peace! This hyper bouncing ball is full of personality and ready to take over playtime. Octzilla's super high bounce will save kids of all ages from boredom every time it hits the pavement and soars to the sky!

2. ZOObers - What do you get when you combine our signature water bouncing ball with fun characters? ZOObers! With their squishy core and easy to bounce design, these balls are perfect for beginners and kids ages 3 and over!
3. LED Flyer -  Ideal for solo or group play, LED Flyer is the ultimate test of coordination and focus! This glowing version of our popular Flyer lights up on impact and is made to be hit with hands, knees, and feet! Whether they hit it, kick it, or smack it - kids of all ages will love the challenge of keeping it flying through the air!

4Wingman Disc - This colorful collection designed by artist Chris Kemp features a variety of fun designs kids are sure to love. Best of all, Wingman's flexible silicone is soft on hands (and surfaces!) making it super kid-friendly and easy to throw/catch. 

5. Lava Ball - A hyper bouncing ball and science experiment all in one!  Lava ball's UV color changing technology turns from yellow to red in the sun. Combined with its sky high bounce, it's sure to keep kids of all ages entertained for hours!
Happy gifting, Wabobians! 

Team Waboba

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