Holiday Gift Guide #3: For the Sports Enthusiasts

This round-up is for all the active, outdoor enthusiasts out there! You know the ones -  the people who never stop moving, hate to be indoors, and are always looking for some (friendly) competition! From energetic kids to adventurous adults, these gifts are sure to help channel that playful spirit into something interactive and, most importantly, fun! 

1. Wingman UFO - Lights off, Wingman on! This LED version of our popular silicone Wingman disc features three light modes for premium flights after dark. The perfect gift for those night owls who want to keep the fun going after sundown!
2. Street Ball - This uniquely shaped hyper ball will keep even the most seasoned bouncer on their toes! With its quirky grooves and contours, Street's unpredictable movement will put your focus and coordination to the ultimate test!

3. Moon Ball + Cracket - Step up to the plate and hit it outta the park! This powerful duo, featuring our fan-favorite Moon Ball and high-quality Cracket bat, is the perfect combo gift for those baseball or cricket enthusiasts!
4Pro Ball + Catch Glove - Take your Waboba sessions to the next level with the ambidextrous Pro Catch Glove! This set comes with an included Waboba Pro Ball, specifically engineered for sport level performance. It's the ideal gift for advanced players who want to step up their game!

5. Voli + Flyer - The ultimate outdoor game, perfect for any skill level! The premium Voli paddles and aerodynamic Flyer work together to create an addictive, high energy, action-packed experience ideal for camping, the park, backyard, beach and beyond. 

Happy gifting, Wabobians!
Team Waboba

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