Goldie's Day Out

Who let the dogs out?! We did! Here at Waboba, we're passionate about giving back and partnering with organizations we believe in. That's why we're excited to kick off a variety of new initiatives throughout 2020 - all aimed at putting some good into the world and lending a hand to help others!

First on our list? "Paws Around Town" with the Charleston Animal Society (because, dogs. Duh!). This awesome program partners currently adoptable pups with volunteers for a day of fun and adventure! Our team was paired with Goldie, a happy and energetic gal who was more than excited to spend a day outside of the shelter enjoying the fresh air and meeting lots of new friends!

Keep reading for a behind the scenes look into the day from Goldie's perspective and if you're interested in adopting (or participating in the Paws Around Town program) click here to learn more!


Wow - new friends! I was so excited to meet them it was hard to sit still! They told me we were going in the car (my favorite!) to spend the WHOLE day outside. They even gave me a fancy new vest to wear! I can't read it, but it sure did seem to get me lots of attention from the hoomans!

First we went to go to a giant patch of grass called a "park"! It was so cool. There were so many smells to sniff and squirrels to chase I didn't know what to do first! I love this already!

After I met all the animals and smelled all the flowers, we went to the water - it was the biggest one I ever saw! After that I told the hoomans to follow me - Goldie is the leader now!

I made sure to stop and say hello to every single house! You never know when you'll meet your new family! This one was my favorite. I sure wish I could live there furever! 

I guess I walked the hoomans too much - they made us stop for a water break! I drank some cuz I'm a good girl, but really all I wanted to do was keep exploring! I think I smelled a new park nearby...

I knew it! I followed my nose and walked the hoomans to this awesome grass and guess what! They gave me lots of new toys to play with! All just for me! Wow. My friends at the shelter aren't going to believe this... Best. Day. Ever! 


We had such a blast getting to know Goldie and hope you enjoyed following along with her day! Be sure to connect with us on social @Waboba to keep up with our next "Paws Around Town" adventure!

Team Waboba

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