From Sweden to China to the United States and beyond, we're proud to have a team made up of so many incredible women (and men!) across the globe. In celebration of International Women's Day, we decided to interview our female team members to learn a little more about their Waboba journey! Keep reading to get to know the women of Waboba (listed in alphabetical order) and learn how they each help us #KeepLifeFun!

Name: Anita Ferro
EMEA Logistic Manager
How long you've been with Waboba: Going on seven years
Favorite Product: My favourite ball is still the very first one, the Extreme! Because I love sun, beach and playing with family and friends!

Name: Anna von Heland
Position: Head of CSR / Financial Assistant 
How long you've been with Waboba: Eleven years
Favorite Product: I am not sure which is my favorite- it depends on with whom I will play! Perhaps my favorite is all the people that come together in different ways because of our products!

Name:  Aubrey Keith
Position: Global Resource Manager
How long have you been with Waboba: Twelve years

Name:  Chrissie Chow
Position: Graphic Designer
How long you've been with Waboba: Three and a half years
Favorite Product: Moon ball - it feels great to play with and the sound is special good! Maru plays with it sometimes!! P.S: Maru is my family cat.

Name:  Donna Gauthier
 Staff Accountant
How long you've been with Waboba: About a year
Favorite Product: My favorite product is Woofgames…anything for our furry four legged friends is always a fave for me.

Name:  Jade Lee
Position: Product Development 
How long you've been with Waboba: One year
Favorite Product: Wingman UFO

Name: Jordan Sullivan 
Director of Fun 
How long you've been with Waboba: Nine years
Favorite Product: Extreme - because it was the first Waboba product I played with, and I will never forget the joy of bouncing a ball on the water for the first time. 

Name: Lanie Woods
Position: Social Media Manager
How long you've been with Waboba: About six months 
Favorite Product: Octzilla! It has such a fun backstory, amazing colors, and I got to help launch it back in November!

Name: Malin 
Position: CFO
How long you've been with Waboba: Five years
Favorite Product: 
My favourite item is always changing but right now I love the Voli Racket. It's so fun to play with and easy to hit. Even I feel like a pro!

Name:  Rebecka Linderot
Position: Graphic Designer 
How long you've been with Waboba: Nine months 
Favorite Product: 
My favorite product is Voli, it's easy to get the hang on and it's perfect to play together with your friends in the park or at the beach.

Name:  Sharon Lu
Position: Supply Chain Coordinator
How long you've been with Waboba: Nine years
Favorite Product: My favorite product is Big Kahuna, because it's simple and clean.

Name:  Stella Huang
Position: Head of Global Operations
How long you've been with Waboba: Nine years
Favorite Product: Wingman is my favorite product because of the amazing product functional design and graphic design! it's like an art! 

Name:  Yilia Chen 
Position:  Packaging Designer 
How long you've been with Waboba:  A little over six months
Favorite Product: Moon is my favorite product. Because it's cool in shape and it's very springy. I play moon ball with my cat on weekends. My cat likes it, too.

Name:  Yolina Zhou
Position: Production Coordinator
How long you've been with Waboba: One year
Favorite Product: My favorite Waboba product is Wingman UFO. The Wingman is soft and it can play everywhere, then the wingman with light, it's so cool. The design is great.

Team Waboba


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