Keep Life GREEN!

This week we're celebrating Earth Day and Keeping Life GREEN!

Whether that means bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, or picking up trash on your daily walk, there are plenty of ways (big and small) you you can do your part to take care of our planet.

For us, that looks like continually improving the way we do business to make our products and processes more eco-friendly.  ⁣That's why, in 2019, we created Rewild - the world's 1st line of sporting goods made from natural resources like the jute plant and rubber tree.⁣

Rewild is sold in recycled packaging because sustainability matters to us. (Fun Fact - all of our products can be recycled!). We also put our $ where our mouth is and donate 10% of proceeds to our awesome partner, The World Wildlife Foundation!

Looking for some other resources on how to incorporate eco-friendly practices and nature into your everyday life? Go check out our friends at Discover the Forest and the Children's Nature Network

PS: Be sure to follow along all week over on Instagram as we share exclusive challenges, giveaways, and more in celebration our favorite playmate - Mother Nature! 🌎 

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