L.E.D. Flyer

Who loved playing after dark as a kid?

*Raises hand

Clearly, we did too. Flashlight tag. Catching fireflies. Jailbreak. Hanging under the street lights. You name it. So you may be wondering why we have left you in the dark for so many years.

But not anymore!

...meet the LED FLyer!

Wabobians everywhere can finally rejoice knowing they never have to let the sun dictate their fun ever again! With its new shuttlecock, the LED Flyer lights up to a fiery red on impact - perfect for playing outside (or inside!?) in low light environments. 

Hit it! Kick it! Smack it! Keep it off the ground for as long as you can. You have the power to ignite the light and keep it going (and glowing)! 

So next time you're bummed about not being able to Bobe at the beach, grab your pals, grab a LED Flyer (and maybe some Voli paddles too if you're feeling extra playful!), and head out for a nighttime adventure. As of today, you officially have the ability to #KeepLifeFun 24/7.. now get out there and do it!

Team Waboba

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