Meet the Artists: Wingman Design Contest

Last summer we put the brush in your hands and asked YOU to design the next Wingman Artist Series.

The Wabobian community around the world delivered with flying colors. 6 winning designs were chosen out of 100s of submissions and brought to life on our Wingman discs.

Keep reading to meet the artists behind the new collection and learn what inspired their designs!

 Mandy G. 

"Her, dedicated to all of the beautiful and empowered women!"

Irwan I.

"My design was inspired by small flowers in the middle of a field, and when they become prospective seeds, they will fly in the wind to spread the seeds everywhere they go. And so WABOBA, will continue to grow and develop. Build subsidiaries around the world and be an inspiration."

Megha A.

"My inspiration for this design is Africa and simply the fact that I love sunsets. I love everything about the African wildlife and when you've been a 90s kid who swore by The Lion King, while growing up, your mind just travels back to the whole Hakuna Matata sequence that plays in your head!"

Parneet K.

"This design is a Van Gogh inspired sunset and the colors are inspired by a mango- raspberry ice cream that I had as a kid in summer. The Wingman design for me truly captures summer at the beach."

Samantha Y.

"My designs are a mixture of reality and surrealism. My artworks vary from surreal edits to digital collage with an original and different style."

"The inspiration for this artwork is the beautiful underwater world of my country, the Maldives, also from all around the world. Inspired by the beauty of the colours and shapes of the corals and the unique life. Also a representation of people being together, as we come in all different colours shapes and sizes."


With Wingman, you CAN touch the art - even throw it. After all, the world is your canvas. Shop the winnings designs here!


Team Waboba  

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