If you haven't noticed, inventing game-changing products is kind of our *thing*. It all started in Sweden way back in 2005 (do you kids even remember those days?? If not, go ask your parents). It was a wonderful time, full of exciting technological advancements and brand new world-changing creations (ahem, YouTube). Most importantly, however, it was the year our founder, Jan Von Heland (pictured above), officially launched the fist ball able to bounce off water! He named his physics defying creation "Waboba" (aka WAter BOuncing BAll) and the rest, as you can probably guess, is history. 


But the Bobe, err apple, didn’t fall far from the tree in the von Heland family. Jan’s son Axel (pictured below) loved tinkering with products as a kid. Fresh out of college, he soon stepped in to add his own ideas to the mix, and his first creation was the Moon ball in 2012. 

Once we hit the pavement, we knew we had to keep on expanding our range to cover the great outdoors. Why stop at the water? With Axel at the helm we pioneered even more groundbreaking, play-inspiring products, each a technological marvel in their own right that have since developed cult followings (we're looking at you, Achievement Hunter).

 Looking back, these are our most proud Wabobabies (aka Waboba Inventions):

Aside from these epic inventions and many others, we're also proud of our team's continued commitment to thinking out of the box. Our inventors never stop pushing boundaries, testing concepts, and dreaming up new ways of helping the world play.

We know the next generation of inventors are out there and we hope our products spark your imagination and inspire you to explore, dream, and (most of all) question the status quo.

We promise to continue inventing new ways to #KeepLifeFun and hope you will too. Stay tuned to meet our future creations coming out later this year. Until then, here’s a sneak peek!

Team Waboba

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