National Make a Dog's Day!

Today is National Make a Dog's Day, an initiative started by Subaru to help shelter pups (especially those with special needs) find safe, loving homes! 

Since we're huge dog lovers here at Waboba, we asked our team to share their rescue pup stories! Keep scrolling to read about our own adoption successes - we hope they inspire you to #MakeADogsDay very soon! 

Addie, pictured above, is our Social Media Manager's rescue pup that was adopted back in 2015. Addie was less than six months old when a local animal rescue saved her from a kill shelter in Florida. Lanie had been searching for a pup to adopt and  immediately fell in love with Addie's sweet, smart, and playful spirit. It's hard to imagine how such a great pup ever ended up at a kill shelter in the first place, but Lanie feels lucky that their paths cross and says adopting her was the absolute best decision ever!  

Barry, our CFO, regularly fosters German Shepards and has helped countless pups find their forever homes! Pictured above is one of his many fosters, Leroy. When Barry first took Leroy in he was skin and bones because of a medical condition, but after some love and rehabilitation he put weight back on he was adopted by a great family. Leroy is now healthy and thriving in his new home - way to go Barry!

Jordan, our Director of Fun, adopted Bryson just before the quarantine began in March. He was picked up as a stray wandering the streets by a shelter in South Carolina. All they knew was he was at least 1 years old and a Louisiana Catahoula mix. She was worried he would try to put a move on their other dog, a female, but the two decided to become siblings/best friends instead. At first, Bryson would try to bolt out the door anytime Jordan opened it, but she realized it wasn’t to run away, it was to make sure he wasn’t left behind. All Bryson wanted was to be a part of someone’s pack, so he could share his love and many hugs, which he loves giving. He stands on his hind legs and wrap his paws around your neck. It’s just his way of saying thank you for giving me a chance (while checking to see if there are any bananas on the counter).

Our Staff Accountant, Donna, has 3 fur kids who are all rescues! Calvin (the non German Shepherd) is 9 and was adopted at 4 months old. Donna says he's the sweetest most easy going dog she's ever had. Monty was adopted last November when he was 11 months old after a breeder had dropped him at the shelter. His full history is unknown but he clearly had a bit of a rough start in life as he's afraid of everyone and everything and does not like to be in unknown places. Despite his hard past, Donna says he's a super sweet boy. The youngest rescue, Sandy, is 7 months old and a crazy, growing puppy - already bigger than her siblings. She was one actually of Barry’s German Shepard fosters and was adopted earlier this spring!

If you're looking to add a pup to your family, we hope these stories encourage you to pay a visit to your local animal shelter or rescue organization - there are so many deserving pups out there just waiting to find their fur-ever homes! 

Team Waboba

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