Right now most people are focused on giving tips for how to work from home, but as your friendly ambassadors of FUN, we’re here to give you tips on how to PLAY from home! With a little creativity and imagination you can take an otherwise difficult/boring situation and turn it into an opportunity for play, connection, and a dose of healthy competition.

To inspire you to #PlayFromHome we pulled together a ton of fun ideas from our team and the Wabobian community around the world! Keep reading to get inspired, and if you have a great idea you don’t see below, share it with us on social media with the hashtag #PlayFromHome! 


  1. Create your own Wingman disc golf course in the yard out of empty toilet paper rolls.
  2. "Wingman tunnel shots down a hallway with obstacles, boxes, furniture, etc. Make it through the course for 1 point. Once achieved, next player makes a course."  - @Discin_miskin
  3. "Make a laundry hamper into a Wingman disc golf basket. 🔥🔥" - @Brother.averham
  4. "Play indoor Wingman tag." - @Chadyass
Moon ball
  1. "Spike the Moon ball - throw the Moon ball on the ground and the next person has to catch it. If you don't catch it, you lose." - @Evintrudeau
  2. "Create a game with the Moon ball where you bounce it onto a wall and it has to hit a specific area and then catch it in a specific area." - @Cward0718
  3. "Throw a Moon ball against a wall in the hallway to see how many times it can bounce back and forth." - @Bmarshall.004
  4. "I would play a game called “Error” with my family using the Moon ball. It’s like catch but when you miss, you get an error. First person to get 5 errors loses. But it’s all in good fun!" - @Cjenners

Voli + Flyer

  1. "Play hot potato with the Flyer without letting it touch the ground. 👌🏽" - @Brollinger22
  2. "Moon ball or Street ball with the Voli paddles - first to drop them loses. Moon ball = easy level, Street ball = hard level." - @Sienna.b.05
  3. Create a makeshift net (a.k.a. a jump rope, string, a bedsheet, etc) either indoors or out, and get a Voli competition going between you and your family! 
  4. Bored at night (or want something different to do during the day)? Turn out the lights and use the LED Flyer to get a glow in the dark game going!

  Bonus Category: Combos!

  1. "Two people play with the Flyer and the other team tries to hit the Flyer with a Moon ball or Wingman." - @Eduardo_pachecoq
  2. "Mini Olympics consisting of dodgeball, juggling, ultimate Wingman, blindfold Bobe bobbing, keep up, target practice, and bowling!" - @Julianbrennan_
  3. "Bounce the Moon ball as high as you can and try to knock it down with the Wingman." - @Bpfox95
  4. "Would love to teach my son math with Waboba balls and buckets. Could number the buckets and do addition and subtraction."- @Psp1422

Now, more than ever. it’s important to find new ways to #KeepLifeFun and make lemonade out of lemons. By making time to play with our parents, siblings, spouse, roommate, and/or dog (okay, cats too) we'll get through these isolated times and come out on the other side strong than ever! 

PS: If you’re looking for more fun and (literally) off the wall ideas to get you and your family up and playing (aka not sitting and staring at a screen) be sure to follow along with us on social media @waboba (and enter the #WabobaWorldCup) as we share more in the coming days and weeks! 

Team Waboba

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