Rene Casselly x Waboba Rewild

There's an elephant in the room, and her name is Kimba! We recently partnered up with trick shot / Ninja Warrior / acrobat legend Rene Casselly and his talented sister for the ultimate #WabobaTricks video featuring our eco-friendly Rewild ball! Check it out below then keep reading to learn more about this dynamic duo in our interview with Rene:

What is the elephant's name?

Her name is Kimba.

How old is she, and how long have you had her?

Kimba is 33 years old. She has been in my family for 31 years.

How did you get her? What's her story?

Kimba was born in a German zoo. Her parents passed away when she was little. My dad rescued Kimba from the zoo and brought her to our family with our other elephants.  

Why do you refer to her as your sister?

I call her my sister because I've known her since the day I was born. I basically grew up with her!

Tell us about that bond.

I don't see her as an animal, I see her as part of my family. 

What was the first trick you and the elephants tried/mastered? Kimba's first trick was lifting me up with her trunk. We mastered it within a day. 

What's your funniest memory you have of trying to learn a new trick with Kimba? 

Once Kimba understood that she would get extra treats when she did her first trick well (lifting me up with her trunk), she started lifting me up every time I was near her! 

What do you wish people knew about working closely with elephants?

I wish people could find out how smart elephants really are. I mean elephants can literally throw a 3 pointer with a basketball. I fight for the well-being and against the extinction of elephants. I want my children and grandchildren to see and experience elephants in real life, not stuffed in a museum. 


An elephant never forgets (to keep life fun)! Neither should you. In celebration of Rene and Kimba's epic trick shot, we're challenging YOU and your pet to do the same! Whether you have a dog, goat, lizard, llama (or anything in between) we want to see your most creative #WabobaTricks! Be sure to share your post on social and tag @Waboba for the chance to win.

Team Waboba

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