Top 10 Waboba Trick Shots!

In celebration of our #WabobaTricks contest we pulled together some of our favorite trickshots from over the years. From classics like our YouTube collab with How Ridiculous back in 2012 to Wabobians today, there's plenty to inspire your next shot. Keep reading to check them out below! 


10. How Ridiculous - Cracket Shot

9. Morgan Whited - Wheelbarrow Zip Line Shot

8. @Rhoback - Through the Ring Shot 

7. @r_johansson_ - Indoor Moon Ball Shot

6. @outofthisworldau - Backyard Wingman + Moon Ball Shot

5. Waboba CEO - Office Wingman Shot

4. Jordan and Julie - ZAG + Moon ball Pool Shot 

3. @YardGameGuru - Football Skip Shot

2. JWolfie9 - Trick Shot Compilation

1. SandA883 - Backyard Water Ball Trickshots

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