Waboba Australian Bushfires Relief

Like the rest of the world, our team has been shocked and heartbroken over the recent widespread bushfires affecting Australia. As soon as we heard the news and saw the images coming from a country we hold so dear, we knew we had to jump in and provide support however we could. 

Our first course of action was to harness the power of our amazing Wabobian community across the globe! Over on Instagram, we posted a challenge: for every  like our post received, we would donate one dollar (up to $750 USD) to World Wildlife Fund's efforts to help both wildlife and people recover from this disaster. 

Unsurprisingly, our dedicated community stepped up to the challenge and (in less than 24 hours) surpassed our goal of 750 likes (at time of posting, the post has been liked by over 1,100 people)! We were so thrilled by the response, we quickly upped our donation to $1,000.

On top of this, we're currently offering a $10 credit to our website to anyone who donates $10 (or more) to WWF's Australian Relief Fund. Simply send us a screenshot of your donation (via Instagram DM, Facebook or Twitter message, or emailing social@waboba.com), and we'll give you a discount code to use at checkout! 

Learn more + donate here.

However you decide to lend a hand, whether it's a donation to WWF or volunteering your time to another organization, we encourage you to do what you can to help with this disaster. When we all work together incredible things can happen!  

Team Waboba

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