World Cup Challenge

Waboba World Cup

March Madness may not be happening, but it still feels like madness with COVID-19 keeping us apart. Since all sporting events are canceled, we decided to kick off the #WabobaWorldCup challenge! It's an easy, fun way to keep yourself entertained while at home, and score some freebies too.

How to play:

  1. Write Waboba World Cup on a cup.
  2. Set up a trickshot to knock it down with a Waboba product, or use any ball, frisbee, a banana, your shoe, etc. (We know not everyone has a Waboba, and we want to make it easy to play. Extra perk? You could win a Waboba.)
  3. Share a video of your trickshot with @waboba #wabobaworldcup for your chance to win $10 to

Set up your cup indoors or out in your yard, and get creative with your trickshot! Not like you have anything else to do. We look forward to seeing what you got!


Team Waboba

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