Bounce around the world - LAND EDITION!

Help us bounce around the World!

All selected clips will win all our land balls - Moon, Lava and Street!

Watch BATW 2016 above to get the idea!

Video Requirements:

  • Simply catch and throw a Waboba ball on land, in this order
  • Video must show your Waboba bouncing on land
  • Waboba branded balls only
  • 3-5 seconds long
  • Please do not add music or narrate your video
  • Formats: MPEG4, MOV, AVI, MV4, and WMV
  • Maximum file size is 1 GB
  • If using a mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.) tilt it sideways to film horizontally.

Entries can be submitted from October 3rd to December 1st.

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