The different teams in our company gathered to see and discuss what we accept right now.
This audit was a win-win in many ways.
The teams got the opportunity to see what we can develop together based on real life experiences.
Our company believes in a cross-cultural cooperation.
We all felt the transparency in what we do and became inspired to find solutions.
We need each other in many ways to move forward. That is one of the key points in maintaining sustainability!

Sustainability - Autumn Audit 2017

This fall we focused on sustainability.

There are so many things that are sustainable. Specifically, our relationships and our ability to develop, improve, and become better. This makes us proud and happy!

It was sustainability that brought our teams together, and allowed our entire company to participate in this year’s factory audit with one of the factories we cooperate with. We all met at the same time and shared a great moment together with the factory workers and owners, which strengthened and made our relationships with one another deeper.

How it all started

After a few years of cooperation with our factories in China, we saw an opportunity to become more involved in the actual work and the conditions at the factories. We built a model based on CSR 2009 and has since then been visiting our factories twice a year.

Flip the cards and read more about our CSR work!


We find solutions and move forward together!

We help each other to see what needs to be in our production chain!

Our open discussions about new demands and possible improvements lead us to reality-based changes, built on mutual understanding and acceptance. Together we understand and accept the situation as it is and coordinate our efforts to improve it.


We become more and more outspoken!

Every time we visit our factories, we get to know each other better. We are open-minded, with a strong integrity and deep respect for each other's business, cultures and traditions. This results in a natural transparency.

Cross cultures

We build bridges across our cultural differences!

By regularly visiting our factories, we learn more about the culture and the people where we manufacture our products. We are a global company with a strong will to use the capacity of different cultures. Our cross cultural teams use the cultural and personal differences as a mean to increase our openness to new thoughts and become better at finding new solutions.


We help each other to develop our products!

Our long-standing cooperation has led to a growing and natural interest in and knowledge of our products. When we meet, we talk and exchange experiences that are useful in the product development process. We integrate our businesses and workflows in a way that help us all.


We and our products stands for continuity!

We keep working with the same factories, that way we improve our mutual understanding of reality and demands. The factories know our products, our demands and wishes. We help each other to improve workplaces, environment and product capacity.


We all work together as a team!

Everyone who works for, or in the company – helps build long term sustainability at many levels. We believe that our step by step CSR work, benefits everyone. Relations and the mutual dependence, is something we build over time. These sustainable relationships make us all better!

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