Make Waboba a part of your next event!

Looking for fun event activities or fundraiser ideas? Look no further!

Bobbin' For Bobas

Fill up a cooler or tub with water and a case of Waboba balls. Invite contestants to see who can pick up the most Waboba balls using only their mouth!

Plan a SplashMob

A SplashMob is a massive Waboba session on the water. Make it spontaneous and sudden like a flash mob, or just get everyone together for one giant game. Either way, it’s loads of fun with Waboba balls bouncing everywhere at the beach, lake, pool, or even your city water fountain!

Water Fountain Challege

Set up a trickshot challenge at a popular city fountain. People have to bounce a Waboba ball on the water to complete whatever trick or challenge you have set up. We'll help you come up with ideas!

Host a Moon Invasion!

Takeover your city, school, office, or campus with 20 Moon balls bouncing at once!

Waboba Tournaments

There are races. Then there’s Waboba. Organize teams of 4, with 1 person designated as the goalie, and start playing the coolest game on the water! Players bounce a Waboba ball on the water to pass to team members or score points.


There are many ways to support the cause you love by playing the game you love. Like setting a record for the longest chain of people joined together playing Waboba up and down a coast.

Event Support

Are you looking for co-sponsors or donations for an upcoming event? Get in touch and let us know the details – when, where, and how many people.

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