Why Waboba

If we're going to be friends, it's important you know the things we care about, the things we do, our commitment to you, and how we like to give back. 

We care about the Environment.

Be Green

Save the Planet


We care about using materials that are good for the environment rather than source cheap, harmful materials.

Made to Last

We don't make products that break, or products you throw away after a few uses, we make products that stay with you.

100% Satisfaction

We offer 100% satisfaction on all of our products. Why? Because we want you to play for the rest of your life!

We care about the community.

Let's team up

How can we support you?

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Giving Back

Charity Support

Every year, we donate over 10,000 Moon balls to children in underprivileged areas in China.

We care about being Original.

High quality

Patented Products

Besides sourcing the highest quality materials for long-lasting play, we are committed to creating original, patented products. 

We care about our products (babies).

From our hands to yours, every Waboba product gets tender loving care in production. That's because most of our products are handmade. Watch the video below to see the Waboba Extreme's journey.

We care about creating a happy workplace.

Our Factories

Behind the Scenes