A truly challenging, fast and fun Waboba game!
All you need is the ball. No goals, no rackets, no extras,
just play anywhere around the globe.


Play in water or on land. 3 players per team.
Recommended gear: PRO ball (water) and Street Ball (land). Slightly more laid back play with Surf ball and Moon Ball.

The objective

The objective of the game is to pass the Waboba ball to all members of the team. If all players in a team successfully receive a pass (a round) without interruptions, the team gets one point. The first team to score three points wins.


• Game starts with a player in the starting team holding the Waboba ball high and counting loudly to 5 before passing the ball.
• A correct pass must bounce on water or hard surface (land) at least one time before being caught.
• Passes must be made within 5 seconds after receiving the ball.
• The opposing team must try to steal the ball and start passing it to receive points.
• Any player may pick up a ball that didn't bounce, or pass that missed, and keep playing.
• You may tackle opponents, but not the player who has possession of the ball. Holding is not allowed.
• Use protective gear on land.


• Add rules of your own and tell us about them!
• Send us a video! (Get a price for best game sequence!)
• Show us your best Ultimate Waboba day on Instagram!
• Use hashtag: #UltimateWaboba

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