2023 Sneak Peek

Sneak a peek at what's coming in 2023! This is our favorite time of year - when we get to show you what we were working on last year to surprise you with this year. Get ready for more Waboba fun coming your way. Here's what's coming down the pipeline:

1. What's the one thing we've been MOST excited for: FLOBO 

We created a new floating disc because everyone complained about Wingman sinking. Don't say we didn't listen!

Waboba FLOBO Floating Disc

2. What's slightly smaller but oh so much more stylish: new SOL designs 

Because smaller is better, and we need to keep our water balls stylish and ready for the next pool party of course!

Waboba Balls for the Pool

3. What's new & improved: Waboba ZAGs

We heard you and made our ZAG ball slightly small to improve its performance/durability and how it feels in your hand. 

Waboba ZAG Ball

4. What's the best new game to play with your bestie: Battlebird

 Defend your square! Battlebird is a new park/beach game that features ground court straps, 2 VOLI hand paddles, and a new fast-spinning birdie. 

Waboba Battlebird Match Game

5. What's the fastest way to hit your target: New Wingman Pro Designs

It's time to explore the great outdoors and new designs for your Wingman Pro collection.

Waboba Wingman Pro

6. What's the most fun way to take flight: new AIRLYFT designs

Say hollow to these new AIRLYFT patterns. In case you haven't heard, this is our favorite new flying toy!

Waboba Airlyft Gliders

7. New Martian Moon Balls!

You can never have enough Moon Balls. Get ready for 3 more out of this world colors to add to your collection.

Martian Moon Balls by waboba

That's not all. You'll meet SEABREEZE--a new water bouncing ball being added to the family late Spring 2023. Plus more special guests will arrive later this year. Look for everything in stores too!

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