Our motto:

Keep Life Fun

There's enough stress in the world. Give yourself a Waboba break and get some fresh air.


Are you saying it right? That's the first step in becoming a Wabobian.

Who we are
About Us

We are big kids at heart all over the world who are committed to creating innovative, creative, and super fun products that change the way you play. We are proud to bring people (and dogs) of all ages together to unplug and play outside until the sun goes down.

Originated In Sweden
Our History

We began in Sweden with the invention of the "ball that bounces on water." Our summer success led us to creating the Moon Ball and Wingman discs so we could expand the play to more surfaces for year-around outdoor fun.

With our latest backyard game additions, we are proud to be a complete outdoor recreation brand from the street to the backyard to the beach!

Our Environment Values

The earth is our playground, and we believe in treating it with respect. We are committed to finding eco-friendly solutions that work in favor of the environment. As of 2021, we have eliminated all plastic from our packaging.

Our Values
Durable Products

We want you to play as long as possible. Our products are made with durable, high quality materials. Not to mention we make sure they are easy to travel with so you're ready to play Waboba whenever and wherever!

Our Mission
Play Like Kids

We're on a mission to Keep Life Fun. Are you playing enough? Our made up team of researchers has determined that children and adults should play Waboba at least once a day to experience an improvement in mood and general well-being.

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