Best Games to Play Indoors

It may be winter, but don't let that stop you from playing in the house, dorm, or apartment. Here are our recommendations for indoor fun using Waboba toys and games:

1. For when you don't want to break a window. 

Waboba Wingman Discs for Indoors

Throw any of our Wingman Discs (Pro, regular, or UFO). Since they are soft, flexible, and made of silicone, they won't break a window or crack the TV. Believe us, we tried.  

2. For off the wall trickshots.

Moon Ball Trickshots

Moon Balls off any hard surface are fun, but next time you're bored, challenge yourself by creating your own Moon Ball trickshot. Bounce one off the wall or down the stairs into a bucket. You're welcome.

3. For when you want to play disc golf in the house.

Disc Golf in the House with Wingman Hitman

Yeah, we said it! Turn your house into a disc golf course. We already told you Wingman is safe to throw inside! Each time you land your Wingman in the basket, move the Hitman to the next location. Then head over to your neighbor's house.

4. For when you want to fly a folded airplane.

How to make a paper airplane

Here's what to do. Grab or make a paper airplane, then crumble it and throw it in the trash.  Then throw an AIRLYFT glider instead if you're looking for a lightweight, carefree flying toy you can also throw outside. 

5. For when you want to play catch in the house.

couch catch

Velcro makes catching easier. That's why we created the Throwback paddle and velcro glider catch set. Just throw the glider so it sticks to the paddles. Makes for some sweet diving catches on the couch!

6. For adults who like to party and keep their house clean.

beer pong in the house

Sink or Drink makes playing beer pong inside okay. You don't need to use a table, and it doesn't create a mess You just hang it on the back of the door and start playing. Pregame before the game on TV? Why not. Tailgate in your living room!

7. For when you want to throw some fake pizza while eating some real pizza.

Pizza vs fake pizza

You may get hit in the head with one when you're making pizza, but that's beside the point. Fly Pies are super fun to throw in the house. It's like you're having a food fight, but it's a food FLIGHT.

Let the indoor games begin!