Featured Fubobian- Ember

Name: Ember

DC (for now…I travel with my humans)

Favorite Waboba product: 
Tailwind ball 

What are your human’s names?
Rebecca & Dustin 

First Waboba you owned/When/How did you first discover Waboba: 
A friend gave me the Woofgames play pack when I was a puppy so I learned the word “Waboba” when I was just 3 months old! 

What’s your favorite place to go with your humans? 
I love to go wherever my humans go, but the mountains and the beach are my favorites! 

Favorite Waboba playground/place to play: 
The beach

Favorite treat: 

Do you have a dog or other furry BFF? 
Leia is my bff, she’s another little Aussie like me! I moved away from her in 2021, but I still see her a few times a year! 

Favorite way to play? 
In the sand with my Tailwind ball and my Rex Specs on! 

When you have those funny dreams where you kick and bark in your sleep, what are you dreaming of? 
Chasing my ball, obviously! 

What do the zoomies feel like? 
Zoomies make me feel like I am the energizer bunny!

How would your human describe you? 
The spunkiest, sweetest, and smartest pup there ever was!