Featured Furbobian

Holden the mini Dachshund

Cape Town South Africa

Favorite Waboba product:
The Moon Ball!

Human’s name:
Shannon Austin 

First Waboba you owned / When/How did you first discover Waboba:
It was a blue Moon Ball, we discovered it at a local shop called Cape Union Mart and I loved the ball. 

What’s your favorite place to go with your human?
I love to go to the beach, or actually anywhere, as long as it's with her! I love the swimming pool too, I’m a full water baby.

Favorite Waboba playground/place to play:
Nothing is better than a massive open field, the beach, and the swimming pool. 

Favorite treat:
We love Lekker Barkery Liver bites.

Do you have a dog or other furry BFF?
I have a younger sis named Lex who finds it very entertaining to steal my balls from time to time. Lex has been with us for a year she was adopted very tiny at 8weeks the previous people didn’t love her at all but mom says that’s why she can get away with a little more than me some times 😉 I also have two incredible cousins the pugs Bella and Bruce but they are not much of active friends more emotional support.

Favorite way to play?
I'm a catch and fetch boy.

When you have those funny dreams where you kick and bark in your sleep, what are you dreaming of?
A ball pit most definitely 🐾🐾🐾

What do the zoomies feel like?
They feel like the best part of the day and they allow me to bring out a lot of my Parkour!

How would your human describe you?
She would say I'm like dynamite, it comes in small packages. Mom and dad love me to bits, I’m their special blue eyed little boy. I’m short and long and sometimes bark (anxiety issues) but they love me no matter what.