Featured Furbobian

Pluto and Rue

Naples, FL

Favorite Waboba product: 
The Wingman is perfect for our little mouths! 

Human’s name: 

First Waboba you owned /When/How did you first discover Waboba:
We found Waboba while shopping at Barnes & Noble and thought the Wingman would be perfect for us small, frisbee loving pups.

What’s your favorite place to go with your human? 
Our favorite place is definitely the beach, but we are happy to join them wherever!

Favorite Waboba playground/place to play: 
Any big open field works best for us so we have all the space to run around.

Favorite treat: 
We love raw chicken feet!!!

Do you have a dog or other furry BFF?
Since we are both toy/mini australian shepherds, we just LOVE each other so much! We are truly besties!

Favorite way to play? 
We love to play with tricks involved, whether that's us jumping through mom's legs or running around her.  Our favorite trick is to spin before taking off to catch the Wingman!

When you have those funny dreams where you kick and bark in your sleep, what are you dreaming of? 
Fetch time with Waboba, duh ;) 

What do the zoomies feel like? 
Zoomies feel like pure freedom (especially for Rue, who doesn't care where she throws her body lol she's all zoomies, no thoughts)!

How would your human describe you?  
Pluto is the sweetest boy who loves people more than other dogs. He is very observant and cautious and will only play with well-mannered pups. He really is the best boy though, we are so lucky to have him in our lives. Rue is a free spirit that does whatever she wants, when she wants. She definitely gives cute but psycho energy!