Meet Our Youngest Wabobian, Weston

Weston Oleksyn is one of our youngest and most enthusiastic Wabobians. He started out as a huge fan and has successfully segued into selling Waboba locally around his hometown of Kelowna, BC Canada (with the help of mom, Sydnay). According to his mom, Weston has always had big ideas. As Weston's love for Waboba grew, he enlisted his little brother Walker to help him set up shop. We caught up with Weston recently, and here's what he had to say! 

Weston Oleksyn
Location: British Columbia, Canada

We love your entrepreneurial spirit, can you tell us more about how you got started?

It started when I wanted a dirt bike but I didn't have enough money. Me and my brother made a lemonade stand. I was a good salesman, danced for all the cars, and had music too. It felt really good and made me want to do more things to make money. I also ended up saving enough for my dirt bike.

How did you get introduced to Waboba and who encouraged you to become a brand ambassador?

The first product I had was a Lava Ball before my dad got me a Moon Ball. I loved both and asked my parents if you made more products. They showed me how to look Waboba up online and I loved the cool videos so I started to message your Instagram page.

What are your favorite Waboba products?

That's easy! Lava Ball, Gradient Moon Ball, Waboba Lacrosse, Fly Pies, Beach Soccer Ball... I love everything- I'm a Wabobian!

What do you like most about being a Wabobian?

Making peoples lives happy, fun, and joyful. I love it so much because people playing Waboba always have smiles on their faces.

We heard that you also created your own t-shirt line! Do you design the shirts yourself and do you have a brand name?

Yes, my brother and I design the shirts. Our brand name is called Hide & Seek Streetwear.

You seem like a great older brother. Knowing that Walker is a part of your business, what’s the best part about working together?

Umm that my brother helps me out sometimes when I get a sore throat from talking. He's cute and says a lot of interesting things to keep people interested in the products.

If you could create any new product for Waboba, what would it be?

It would have to be a changing colour hacky sack!

What’s your favorite way to play with friends?

Jumping on our trampoline 

What do you want to be when you grow up?

NHL player

Where can we catch you selling Waboba next?

At our neighbourhood garage sale and market coming up