Featured Wabobian

Joey Royle
Current Location / Hometown:  
Traveling the world / Adelaide, Australia

Favorite Waboba product: 
Waboba Pro - a classic 

First Waboba / How did you first discover Waboba: 
When I was about 18 I got a version of the current Waboba Pro. Me and my brother would take it down to the beach and throw it at each other as hard as we could from close range and try to catch it. We copped a few bruises but have loved the products ever since!

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?  
This year I want to ride a live bull. 

Favorite Waboba playground/place to play:  
I love playing in waist high water at the beach, making fun catches with a classic Waboba. 

Favorite food to eat after a day at the beach or a day on the trails:  
Salmon and veggies, I can cook the salmon perfectly almost half the time. 

Would you rather walk on water or walk on the moon?  
I'd rather walk on the moon I think, no disrespect to Mr. Christ. 

Are you more of an ocean explorer or mountain rover?  
I’m a water baby. 

What’s a quote or song lyric you live by?  
“Let your hair down - it’s the weekend.” 

What’s your favorite childhood memory?  
Heading to the beach every Australia Day with my friends to have a bbq and a swim. 

What’s a childhood movie or tv show that you could not stop watching?  
I reckon I’ve seen every episode of the first 12 seasons of the Simpsons maybe 6 times each. 

If you could take a dream vacation, where would it be?  
I’d love to go to Africa one day!