Featured Wabobian

Alex Ambs

Tampa, FL

Favorite Waboba product:
Waboba Pro

First Waboba / when or how did you first discover Waboba:
I discovered the Waboba Pro on a mothers day trip to South Florida in a surf shop.  I immediately knew that little ball would change every beach day moving forward.  It is still the most entertainment under $10 I've ever purchased. 

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?
I want to set a world record! 

Favorite Waboba playground / place to play:
My favorite playground would have to be in the ocean on a small wave day. 

Favorite food to eat after a day at the beach/day of adventure:
Nothing beats a Pub Sub (IFKYK)!

Would you rather walk on water or walk on the moon?
I've gone barefoot waterskiing before...so that kind of counts? Moon it is. 

Are you an ocean explorer or mountain rover?
I’m more of a dam and ditch explorer. 

What’s a quote or song lyric you live by?
“Ain't Wastin' Time No More” - Allman Brothers Band

What’s your favorite childhood memory?
I loved spending summers on the lake.

What’s a childhood movie or tv show that you could not stop watching?

If you could take a dream vacation, where would it be?
The Philippines