Featured Wabobian: Connor

Name: Conner Quintero 
Location: Stillwater Oklahoma 

When/Where did you first discover Waboba: 
It’s hard to say where and when I first saw Waboba, but Waboba has been in every summer memory I can think of since I was a kid!! 

Favorite Waboba product and why: 
My favorite Waboba product has to be the MOON BALL 🌚!!! Something about a ball that bounces to the moon and back is pretty sweet!! 

Favorite Waboba memory: 
My favorite Waboba memory has to be playing Battlebird in the locker room! Best [football] team bonding ever!! 

What do you do for a living? 
Well I go to school, and then I sling around the pigskin 🏈! 

How do you keep life fun? 
I keep life fun by trying my best to live for the moment and making every second count! 

What was the best part about childhood?
Since I’m only 16 and still “growing up”, I’d say the best part about growing up is all of the memories I am making with every step! 

Famous Person (Dead or Alive) you would love to play with: 
If I could play with anyone dead or alive, it would have to be George Washington. If he can cross the Delaware River, I'd like to test his skills at Battlebird!! 

As a quarterback, you have to be accurate with your passes. So how would your friends rate your accuracy with Waboba throws? 
This may be a controversial question…but I think on a scale from 1-10 my Moon ball throws would be a solid 9…but my Wingman throws…let’s just say I need to get to practicing 😂😂 

Which college team or NFL team would you like to play for? 
Being from Oklahoma, I am lucky enough to kinda have a “free pick” of whatever team I root for, since we don’t have an NFL team in state. So it would have to be the LA Chargers…mainly because of J-Herbo (Justin Herbert). Bolts Up! ⚡️ 

How do you work Waboba into your everyday training and or football practice life? 
I’ve used the Moon ball, to work my reaction and hand-eye coordination for my training. The responsiveness of the Moon ball gives me more of a challenge than a tennis ball would, which lets me take my training to the next level!