Featured Wabobian: Diana

Name: Diana Ota  

Location: Currently based in Thessaloniki, Greece  

What do you do for a living?  
English teacher and Nutrition & Dietetics student.  

What is your passion?
I have two: food and travel.   

Favorite Waboba product(s)?
I loooove the Voli paddle set but I am a huge fan of the Wingman too!  

How and where did you first discover Waboba?  
Spent Christmas (2019) with my boyfriend’s family in South Africa where he got a Wingman as a secret Santa gift. We’ve been serious about frisbee ever since.  

Favorite Waboba playground / place to play? 
Al Bidda park in Doha, Qatar. Those people know how to maintain a park even at 120 degrees F!  

What’s your favorite childhood memory?  
I don't know off the top of my head, but I once painted my dad’s and uncle’s toenails while they were having a nap. I remember them waking up and finding it extremely funny!  

What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?    
Nothing too crazy - I’d like to walk the Camino de Santiago.  

What’s a quote or song lyric you live by?
I’d love to lean more into the “it is what it is” mindset.   

Where would you take your dream vacation?  
On a beach in Hawaii.    

What made you get into health and nutrition?  
I experienced a series of events while living in Hanoi, Vietnam. The air quality was poor for about 5-6 months each year and I was often coughing and being a smoker, I decided it was time to quit. Shortly after, I met a trainer from Israel and hired her to be my trainer. Working with her improved my lung capacity and overall fitness. This motivated me to join a gym. I also learnt along the way that what you eat matters and became increasingly interested in this topic.   

Favorite food to eat after a long day of Wabobin'?  
A slice of watermelon or a couple of figs now that they’re in season.  

What ways have you incorporated Waboba into your health and fitness lifestyle? 
On top of the actual activity (throwing the Wingman, Voli paddle, etc.) we actually often walk around cities to find cool parks, beaches or botanical gardens to play in. 

It has kept us super fit during the pandemic as well. We threw the Wingman in the hallways of our apartment building in Kuala Lumpur as well as in the parking lot. 

But overall from just going to the gym several times a week now I also walk to a park to play games 4-5 times/week 

If you had to choose one famous/historic figure to play VOLI with who would it be?
Anthony Bourdain!!