Graduation Gift Ideas

No matter what age they graduate, it all happens so fast. You blink, and there they are, standing there in their cap and gown. That's why it's important we make sure kids never grow up by making time for play every day. (Adults too.) To help families shop for graduation gift ideas, we broke down our recommendations. From preschool to college, we have fun gifts all ages will love!

Preschool Graduation Gifts: 

1. Waboba Heads - kids love the silly faces from our Heads collection. Plus there's a great range of toys to choose from for your little one. 

2. Mini Moon Balls - these smaller sized Moon Balls come in 3 packs and are super fun to bounce. 

Kindergarten Graduation Gifts:

1. Moon Balls - you can never go wrong with a Moon Ball - the best bouncy ball with the iconic pop sound.

2. Fly Pies Pizza Discs - what kid wouldn't love throwing fake pizza? These silicone discs are also fun for pizza party themes!

3. AIRLYFT - we know kids love to throw things, and they'll be amazed with how effortlessly high and far they can make the AIRLYFT fly. You will too!

Middle School Graduation Gifts:

1. Wingman Pro - get your middle schooler ready for the big leagues with the larger and farther flying silicone Wingman Pro disc.

2. Waboba Pro x Catch Glove Set - do they love baseball/softball or playing in the ocean/lake? Then they'll love this water glove that comes with our best water bouncing ball. 

3. Mini Lacrosse - This small lacrosse set also comes with a water bouncing ball for another new summer game to play at the beach or pool.

High School / College Graduation Gifts:

1. Sink or Drink - this party game for college makes it easy to play pong games anywhere without a table. It hangs on the back of doors and comes with cups and 2 balls. Just BYOB!

2. Wingman Hitman - this portable disc golf target is perfect for small places or to have set up in the backyard, quad, or park for games. Plus, it comes with 4 silicone Wingman discs.

3. Battlebird - make sure they still get out and play with this super fun two square match game. Staying active does wonders for the mind no matter if it's after work, after school, or on the weekends. Battlebird is easy to set up and play for any skill level. 


Find something you loved? Let us know. Best of luck to the graduate in your life!