Moon Ball Turns 10!

It's out of this world to think that 10 years ago, the Moon Ball first hit Earth. It was two years in the making before we finally released it in 2013. Since then, we've  sold over 11 million Moon Balls and they've been bounced all over the world. 

Here's 5 fun facts about the Moon Ball:

1. If you freeze a Moon Ball, it won't bounce at all. Watch it here

2. If you warm up a Moon Ball, it bounces higher. Watch it here

3. It's completely toxic-free, and safe for people and dogs. 

4. Famous people who have been caught playing with a Moon Ball: ARod, Pink, and Billy Crystal. 

5. The Moon Ball makes an iconic sound when its craters hit a hard surface. 

Ever wonder how we came up with the Moon Ball? Stay tuned for an interview with our product designer, Sam, who invented the Moon Ball!