New Waboba Logo

After nearly 20 years, we have a new logo! Some people may cry and mourn the loss of our old, squinty logo that was hard to read (and caused some people to commonly mispronounce the As for Os). But for us, we say farewell to an old friend so we can look to the future with a new logo to represent who we are today. 

We knew Wabobians would be close to the Waboba W, because it was iconic. It brings back memories of playing Waboba back when the world seemed simpler. Back when our product line was simpler too - when it only consisted of water bouncing balls. It brings a certain nostalgia for the Waboba summers from the 2000s and 2010s. 

The old W was designed to mimic the way a Waboba ball would skip across the water. But over the years, we wanted people to be able to escape the world and play Waboba beyond the summertime and out of the water. So as we grew our product line with the Moon Ball, the Wingman discs, dog toys and more beach and backyard games, we became something bigger than ourselves. We became an outdoor recreation brand - something we always wanted to be all along - a brand people go to whenever they want something innovative or fun to play with outside. Our desire to bring people together to keep life fun never changed. Just our desire to offer more ways to have fun outdoors!

Enter our new W - which now represents land and water in one. The top mimics the mountains; the bottom the ocean waves. It also has hints of a crown, an ode to our Swedish roots!


Naturally, we made a cake to celebrate. Who wants a piece?

We'll be transitioning into our new logo around the world, but wanted our Wabobians to be the first to know. Please pardon us as we roll it out on products and in stores over time.