Wabobians in the Wild

At Waboba, we're a bunch of big kids at heart who love to play, but what makes us really special is our worldwide community - our Wabobians! 

Wabobians are Waboba fanatics and enthusiasts. We share a collective mission to make every day feel like recess. We come from all backgrounds and walks of life all over the world, but we share the same motto - to keep life fun! So what better reason to form a club just for Wabobians? Any excuse to play more.

With our new Wabobian club, fans will have the chance to be in the Waboba inner circle. That means freebies, new product testing, fun missions, and more. Plus, you could get featured right here on our blog or on our social channels. Interested in joining the club? Good news, because if you’re reading this, we already consider you a true Wabobian. So fill out our ambassador form and make it official!