Join the 2022


Wabobian (noun):

A Waboba fanatic and enthusiast. If this is you, then move on up and apply to become an official Waboba ambassador!

What we Expect

• Play a LOT with others
• Post fun & creative Waboba content
• Go balls to the walls in promoting Waboba
• Drive new followers to @Waboba on TikTok & Instagram
• Be yourself and keep life fun the Waboba way!

What you get

• Exclusivity - we don't accept everyone
• A welcome package with brand merch
• Your own URL with a built in discount code to for friends & family. (USA only)
• 10% commission on orders placed using your URL (USA only)
• If we share your content, you score more free Waboba products!

Ambassador Application

You must be 18 years of age to apply. Open to Wabobians worldwide.