Slingshot x Waboba Balls

Looking for a fun way to end summer with a bounce? Try launching one of our water bouncing balls with a slingshot!

We recommend the Waboba mini for the most number of skips. But the Waboba Original and Waboba Pro provide just as much fun if you want to go the distance with your Bobe! The size of these Waboba balls and their signature gel core make them the best ones to bounce at the lake or ocean.

Here's what you need to do:

Step 1. Buy a 3-person slingshot.

Step 2. Find a wide open water location. A lake is ideal!

Step 3. Find 2 friends to hold the slingshot, or find 2 trees to tie it to like we did. 

Step 4. Stuff a sock or small cloth into the pouch to make it easier for the ball to launch on the release. 

Step 5. Pull it back, make sure it's clear, and let the Bobe fly! 

Step 6. Post your video on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and tag @Waboba. 

Need inspiration? Watch our video here. 


And here's what not to do: