Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL
Waboba SOL

Waboba SOL

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New smaller size! Waboba SOL changes color in the sun and bounces on water. SOL is a foam ball with a lycra cover, which makes it versatile for any water environment.  Hit the beach, lake, or pool. Plus, the more water it absorbs, the farther it bounces! Just be sure to squeeze your ball after use to help it dry. 

  • Features white UV color-changing ink 
  • Bounces on water 
  • Easy to catch 
  • Good for: close range play
  • Best for: pool, lake, or ocean 
  • Size: 80 mm / 3.15 in
  • Ages: 8+
  • Material: lycra + foam combo

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How to bounce on water:

Throw the ball so it hits the water surface at an angle in between you and a friend - like how you skip a stone - but throw overhand.

Don't throw straight down. They do not bounce like regular balls. :)

Best for Pools

The foam line of water bouncing balls are best for the pool, because they have a moderate bounce distance. They bounce high, but are better suited for close range play. Still pack them for the beach though!

The gel Waboba balls bounce farther, which is why they are better for the ocean or lake, not pools.

UV Activated

CHanges color in SUN

Did you know the Waboba SOL changes color in the sun? The white print on the solid panels changes to purple.

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