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What's a Wabobian?

(Noun): A Wabobian is a Waboba fanatic and enthusiast.

Not just a Ball
Our Lifestyle

Wabobians loves to play, aren't afraid to show their goofy side, and enjoy connecting with people.

Wabobians are outdoor enthusiasts, community builders, big kids at heart, playful, active, conscious earthlings, adventure seekers, inclusive, and tail waggers. Wabobians have grass-stained knees, sandy feet, furry friends, an itch for adventure, and a sense of humor. Most of all, Wabobians make time to play and create unforgettable memories while keeping life fun!

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Featured Wabobians

Joe Royle

Location: A nomad but currently: Cat Ba, Vietnam
Favorite Place to Play: Waist high water at the beach- perfect for Waboba Classic catches
Favorite Bobe: Waboba Pro
Craziest Thing on Your Bucket List: To ride a live bull!

Carmen Leung

Location: Nelson BC Canada 
Favorite Place to Play: Up high on the mountains or by the lake in the summer 
Favorite Bobe: Waboba wingman!!
Craziest Thing on Your Bucket List: Mt Everest base camp 

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A Wabobian is anyone, whether a kid, an adult who's in touch with their inner child, or a pet (we call them Fur-bobians) who knows how to unplug and have some fun!

Wabobians help us in our mission to inspire active play and bring people together!

No silly! You just need to love Waboba. :)